“Chilled to the Bones” (2016) by Linda Lee Kane – A book review

This is a thriller about a search for Revolutionary War memorabilia and treasures. Set in Setauket, New York, a group of high school students set out to save their homes from foreclosure, by tracing their ancestral clues. What they find is a jarring mystery that gets deeper as they go. As they search through secret […]

“The Sand Dweller” (2016) by Molly Neely – A book review

Molly Neely has given us a historical look into a battle between evil and faith that spans millennia. This is a well written novel that introduces the reader into events of the past along with her views on the Savior, Saint Peter and the Arch Angel Michael. Malachi is the half breed son of a […]

“The Whistler” (2016) by John Grisham – A book review

Another spell binding adventure from the author of “The Pelican Brief” and “The Firm”. John Grisham leads his readers on a journey of two ethics investigators working on a tip from a former lawyer. What starts out as a routine investigation turns intense in a hurry. A heart pounding drama. The judge in question isn’t […]

“Pivot Point” (2013) by Kasie West – A book review

Pivot Point is a superbly written novel about a clairvoyant young lady that challenges herself by searching two alternate futures. One is a life with her current paranormal friends in her compound world, and the other with new friends in the normal world. Kasie West pens the story for us as it unfolds in Addison’s […]

“Pen the tale, Oogie” (2016) by Karen Moore and Doug Hansen – A book review

What a delightful story by Karen Moore and Illustrations by Doug Hansen. A children’s book about a story telling bear that’s about to go into hibernation. Worried that those that like his stories will have to go without during the hibernation, Oogie is convinced to write his stories down. After several attempts that fail, because […]

“The Dragon Hammer” (2016) By Tony Daniel – A book review

This is an intriguing middle age like romp of a young man coming of age in a peaceful-turned-violent land. Despite the young man’s insecurity, he soon learns others are looking to him for decisions, and he is forced to grow up quickly. The characters in this novel are unique, suspenseful, charming and intense. You can’t […]

“Final Warning” (2008) by James Patterson- A Book Review

The continuing saga of Maximum Ride and her fellow winged heroes. This novel has a little different ‘Save the World’ goal for Max and her flock that includes a trip to Antarctica to help study glacier melting and other global warming issues, as well as having fun sliding with penguins. Despite an enlightening turn of […]

“Gone” By Lisa McMann – A book review

“Gone” is the third and final novel of the Wake/Fade/Gone trilogy. In the previous two novels, Janie has struggled with the adverse effects of who she is. The repercussions and the general uneasiness of it. Janie is a dream catcher. Not by choice. She falls into people’s dreams if she even walks by someone sleeping. […]

“Wake” by Lisa McMann- A Book Review

“Wake” is the first novel of a trilogy about a reluctant dream walker cursed with an ability she can’t get rid of. Janie gets sucked into other peoples dreams which creates issues being in the same room with someone about to doze off. High school is the worst of all, with study hall or field […]