“Breakdown” by Jonathan Kellerman

In this psychological thriller, Dr. Alex Delaware is asked by a fellow doctor to evaluate the son of his current patient. The patient, a gorgeous but emotionally fragile television actress loves her son, but is uncaring of the rest of society, continually showing up at various homes, banging on doors or digging in gardens. Dr, […]

“No Man’s Land” (2016) by David Baldacci – A book review

A fascinating and intense drama that starts out as two different story lines. One, a cold case that involves the disappearance of an army investigator’s mother and the other, a hardened criminal just released from prison and his desire to track down enemies. Baldacci weaves both story lines with twists and turns, chapter after chapter. […]

“Watcher” by Roh Morgon (2011)

This book has a little of everything, so I’m not real sure how to classify it. There’s mystery, suspense, action, fantasy, romance and love of family, which creates a dilemma for the main character, Sunny. Sunny is dead. The undead to be precise. Even though the word is never used in the novel, Sunny is […]

“Right Behind You” (2017) by Lisa Gardner – A book review

This is a gritty, intense thriller loaded with unexpected twists. Lisa Gardner will have your heart pumping with her psychological insights of the characters, and her spot on depiction of the poor decisions a couple of teens make throughout the novel, even making those decisions knowing they’re wrong. Telly and Sharlah were born into a […]

“Memortality” (2017) by Stephen Provost

This novel is packed with suspense and involves a “Gifted” young lady that had her legs paralyzed at an early age due to a car accident. Minerva, now wheelchair bound, lives with an abusive mother and a loving brother. Her disability and abuse has left her longing for her childhood friend that perished in the […]

“Innocence” (2014) by Dean Koontz – A book review

This is a multi faceted novel that blends mystery, suspense and intrigue with personal relationships involving phobias. Two characters unknown to each other, both trying to stay alive. Addison, who can’t tolerate eye contact, and Gwyneth, who can’t tolerate being touched. Both on a collision course with death for different reasons. By chance, they meet […]

“The Dry” (2016) by Jane Harper – A Book Review

Australian Author Jane Harper adds Australian slang, terms and locales to this, her debut novel. This is a well written, twisty and an extremely suspenseful murder mystery. A fun read. Intriguing. Federal Agent Aaron Falk, stationed in Melbourne, learns of a murder/suicide involving his best friend, growing up, in his hometown of Kiewarra. He doesn’t […]

“Her Every Fear” (2017) by Peter Swanson – A book review

This is a bone chilling, heart pounding murder mystery that will have you double checking every door and window. A definite five star novel that will grip you from page one and keep you turning pages throughout. Kate Priddy is an English woman that suffers panic attacks due to an event in her past. An […]

“The Hike” (2016) by Drew Magary – A book review

This well written novel includes a mixture of fantasy, intrigue, suspense and psychological thriller. Drew Magary leads the reader on a path that transforms an innocent and insecure man into a courageous and daring risk taker. Each step taken cause the man to gain confidence as he meets with one perilous situation after another. The […]

“The Wrong Side of Goodbye” (2016) by Michael Connelly – a book review

This is my first jaunt into the world of Michael Connelly and I’m not sorry for it. “The Wrong Side of Goodbye”, a Harry Bosch novel is well written and thoroughly mind gripping. Not one, but two story lines highlight this hard to put down spellbinder. Harry is hired privately to find an heir to […]