“Outies” by J.R.Pournelle

No. This book is not about belly buttons. In 1974 Jerry Pournelle published a book titled “The Mote in God’s Eye” with an assist from Larry Niven. Then in 1993 the two combined on a sequel titled “The Gripping Hand”. These were both hard science fiction novels about first contact with a species from the […]

“Senior Living – Senior Murder” by Fay La Vigne

This is a self published novella about a murder with a paranormal twist. In this 162 page short chapter read, the author has laid out the crime, shared all the possible suspects and told how the murder was solved. It keeps your attention as the reader is constantly certain and then uncertain who the killer […]

“A Plague of Giants” by Kevin Hearne

This is an outstanding fantasy novel. A little on the large side (600+), but every page is worth it. A well written and intriguing adventure into the world of the seven Kennings. There are three different story lines, two of which are told through the eyes of a bard that has the ability to become […]

“Runner” by Roh Morgon

Just as in Watcher, it is difficult to tag this novel with a specific Genre. I’ll go with urban fantasy. Although, one could probably go with Mystery. Or romance, and so on and so on. Roh Morgon has written the second novel in the Chosen series and given us more of Sunny. This is well […]

“Seventh Decimate” by Stephen R Donaldson

Stephen R. Donaldson (Chronicles of Thomas Covenant) has done it again. This is the first in a new fantasy series (The Great God’s War) that will grab you immediately and keep you anticipating what’s about to happen as you turn pages. Imaginative. Filled with excitement, tragedy, suspense, drama and personal psychological battles. A must read. […]

“Booke of the Hidden” by Jeri Westerson

This is a masterfully written tale of witches and warlocks . . . um, excuse me, I meant to say Wiccans, and a charming main character that will leave you wanting to meet her. Demons, talismans, a crossbow and an obstinate booke create an unforgettable story that leaves you wanting more. More is what you […]

“Silent Child” by Sarah Denzil

This is a powerful, adrenaline pumping thrill ride. Sarah Denzil (nee: Sarah Dalton, young adult author) takes her readers deep into the mind of a traumatized mother that has suffered the ultimate horror. Her six year old son wandered away from school during a horrible rain that was causing the river to flood. The hectic […]

“The Long Dark Cloak” by Vicki D. Thomas

Fabulous story about a boy, his two mischievous beagles, and his cantankerous horse. This is a young adult novel and the first of a series called “Relics”. It is well written, filled with imagination and easy to read. Story line: (Contains spoilers). A young, passive boy, bullied in school, and living alone due to the […]

“The Talents of Bet” by Steven Hammond

What a fun book! Steven Hammond, once again, brings his imagination to us in this young adult novel. Innocence, turned determination, turned intensity allows this young lady to expand on and improve her talents. Hammond follows the “Rise of the Penguins” saga with this heart tugging and energy pumped novel of a young girls quick […]

“The Eye of Heaven” by Clive Cussler and Russel Blake

This is a treasure hunting adventure with an exciting ending and an appetizer of a prologue. There was obviously a good deal of research done to put this novel together. Unfortunately, I found the body of the work to be a little on the boring side, which surprised me considering the popularity of the author. […]