“Runner” by Roh Morgon

Just as in Watcher, it is difficult to tag this novel with a specific Genre. I’ll go with urban fantasy. Although, one could probably go with Mystery. Or romance, and so on and so on.

Roh Morgon has written the second novel in the Chosen series and given us more of Sunny. This is well written, powerful, suspenseful and full of heart-pounding drama.

Story line: (Contains spoilers).

Sunny, traumatized by her actions at the end of “Watcher”, flees Nicolas, and heads for the mountains in an attempt to get as much distance as possible between herself and the man she can’t seem to take her mind from.

On the way she meets a troubled and abused teenage girl and the two strike up a friendship. Although it doesn’t totally help cleanse Sunny of her guilt and shame, it does give her something else to think about. She sets herself to helping Sandy (The teenager) obtain a future. They become very close. So close, that Sunny tells Sandy about her secret. Sunny’s a vampire. Not your standard run of the mill vampire. A vampire that only feeds on animals.

Tragedy strikes and Sandy makes Sunny promise to contact her daughter. Now Morgon has us join Sunny as she returns to Nicolas, only to find out he has disappeared. Her ensuing search takes her back to California, where she keeps her promise to Sandy, and expands her search for Nicolas, as well. The search doesn’t go as planned and the battle of wills begins between herself and a group of renegade Chosen.

A dynamic page turner.