“Seventh Decimate” by Stephen R Donaldson

Stephen R. Donaldson (Chronicles of Thomas Covenant) has done it again. This is the first in a new fantasy series (The Great God’s War) that will grab you immediately and keep you anticipating what’s about to happen as you turn pages. Imaginative. Filled with excitement, tragedy, suspense, drama and personal psychological battles. A must read.

Story line. (Contains spoilers)

Two realms, constantly at battle, employ any means they can to get the upper hand. Amika and Belleger have been warring for centuries, both utilizing sorcerers to wield the six decimates. Fire. Wind. Pestilence. drought. Lightning. Earthquake.

Amika has a larger army, but Belleger has now learned to make rifles. Hoping the rifles will give them the advantage over Amika’s sorcerers, they take them into battle find them helpful, but not fail proof.

Now another problem has arisen. Belleger’s sorcerers have become impotent and it is only a matter of time before Amika and their sorcerers lay waste to Belleger’s realm. Belleger’s sorcerers inform the King that they have been rendered useless by the seventh decimate.

The King sends his son and a small group of soldiers in search of the last repository, where the book on the seventh decimate is stored. The journey is hard and dangerous with the prince and his men constantly meeting obstacles.

The story focuses on the prince, as he becomes steadfast in his duty to find the repository, despite unending dangers. This is a gripping tale.