“Towers of the Own” Book 2

Barring any unforeseen issues, book 2 of The Lands of Mother series is due to be released in the spring of 2018. The book is titled “Towers of the Own”. As soon as I get a set cover I will pass it on.

In the meantime, here is a quick synopsis of Lands of Mother Book 2: The Towers of the Own

The King, after a night’s rest at Junction City, continues his journey toward Black Mountain. He takes with him a contingent from the Sisterhood. The King is one of the few people on Mother who has knowledge of the Sisterhood’s abilities, and their abilities are many. He plans to use that to his advantage.

Meanwhile, Queen Melanie and her small clandestine company, is traveling the same direction. Their trek north is slowed by treachery and treason. When they finally arrive at Marseilles, she discovers something that may save thousands of innocent civilians.

Can she find a way to stop her King before he puts siege to Black Mountain and defeats his own purpose?


Black Mountain

Tom stared in disbelief.

“Do you need me to call for a wheelchair, Commander?”

“No, Majesty.” His legs went to work, but only well enough to get him out the door. Once he was in the hall, he straightened and headed to the cook. I hope that convinced her what a terrible King I’d make. He whistled his favorite tune.

Brittany Stone looked at Tom’s documentation, drew a big x across the paper and tossed it aside. She needed to hurry her decision. It was almost time to meet with her Commanders, or what was left of them. Those potato sack bitches had been a handful. It had taken longer to kill them than it had to build her army. It would have been so much easier if she could have just entered their minds, but they had some kind of block, something she couldn’t get past.

Seven hundred men lost in the taking of one compound. A sisterhood of one hundred eighty-six. How embarrassing. A bunch of women, for Mother’s sake. She suddenly had doubts about her fighting force and the words of her Commanders.

A bunch of damn women.


Junction City, Sisterhood East

The trip to Junction City was uneventful for Melanie, but very eventful for others. During the trip, Kristen drew suspicious looks from Junction’s forces.

Several times, one would edge toward Kristen, causing the King, Sir Kevin, or one of the Queen’s Own to materialize at her side. They would brook no disrespect of their new ally.

It wasn’t until they were a mile from the gate, that Kristen dismounted and sent the Riggers in to the woods, sharing Marie’s mount for the remaining distance.

Marcus never left the Queen’s side, so for the most part he was ignored, but was still the victim of the occasional stare. It was obvious to Melanie that the dissension and turmoil that had occurred in Junction City, had everyone suspicious, unsettled.

The wilder women conducted themselves in the best of fashion. Several sisters occupied the wagon they were in, and the canvas had been removed, so they would be visible. Melanie witnessed heavy conversation between the two groups. The women were respectful, answering every question put to them. And they cried a lot.