“Booke of the Hidden” by Jeri Westerson

This is a masterfully written tale of witches and warlocks . . . um, excuse me, I meant to say Wiccans, and a charming main character that will leave you wanting to meet her. Demons, talismans, a crossbow and an obstinate booke create an unforgettable story that leaves you wanting more.

More is what you will get as this is the first in an urban fantasy series. Westerson’s story will hook you right away and keep you turning pages. Each time I wanted to end my reading for the day, my thoughts were always ‘Well, just a few more pages’.

Story line (Contains spoilers):

Kylie Strange, eager to put distance between herself and a bad relationship, takes up residence in a rural town in Maine named Moody Bog. There she meets very interesting and laid back residents.

She opens a herb and tea shop and finds a book buried behindĀ  a brickĀ  wall. This is no ordinary book, she learns and the events that transpire from there would leave anyone heading back out of town. Not Kylie, who is determined to make her business flourish.

Residents are murdered, the local sheriff suspects she’s involved. A dangerous stranger appears. No matter the obstacle, Kylie’s not running. She faces every threat head-on.

Excellent read.