“Silent Child” by Sarah Denzil

This is a powerful, adrenaline pumping thrill ride. Sarah Denzil (nee: Sarah Dalton, young adult author) takes her readers deep into the mind of a traumatized mother that has suffered the ultimate horror. Her six year old son wandered away from school during a horrible rain that was causing the river to flood. The hectic search for the boy revealed only his jacket fished from the river. His body was never recovered.

As horrible as that was, that isn’t what the story is about. The story revolves around an incident ten years later. That incident being the boy walking out of a heavily wooded area. Traumatized to a point of being mute. Unable or unwilling to speak. He hadn’t drowned. He had been taken and unspeakable things had been done to him.

Denzil is spot on in her depiction of the transformation of the mother and her life altering fury as she fights with the horrendous actions of the media and residents of the tiny berg in her effort to find out who had done this to her child.

Very well written. Intense, with a heart pounding, page turning finish.