“The Talents of Bet” by Steven Hammond

What a fun book! Steven Hammond, once again, brings his imagination to us in this young adult novel. Innocence, turned determination, turned intensity allows this young lady to expand on and improve her talents.

Hammond follows the “Rise of the Penguins” saga with this heart tugging and energy pumped novel of a young girls quick and forced journey into adulthood.

Story line: Contains spoilers.

Bet (Don’t call me Bethany) is a young adopted teenager living with an abusive woman. She tolerates it as long as she can and one day decides she’s had enough. She finds out her best friend, which happens to be a bird, was cooked for supper. so she takes a pretty rock she found and runs for the hills.

Her abusive life is over, replaced by a harrowing adventure trying to evade capture, and a mysterious gateway that brings her to a new land with unique creatures that share her gift of talents.

A story for the young at heart that continues to build, surprise, and keep you turning pages.