“The Eye of Heaven” by Clive Cussler and Russel Blake

This is a treasure hunting adventure with an exciting ending and an appetizer of a prologue. There was obviously a good deal of research done to put this novel together.

Unfortunately, I found the body of the work to be a little on the boring side, which surprised me considering the popularity of the author. It seemed to be more of a what’s what of the food and drink choices in various countries that would be available for the rich and famous.

In all honesty and in fairness, I’m not all that excited about treasure hunting. There was detailed in the book the investigations that lead the main characters to their ultimate find, but it seemed to drag on. If treasure hunting is your forte, then you will most likely enjoy the novel.

Although I found the characteristics of the main characters to be a little lacking in definition, this is a continuing saga and the defining qualities may have been covered in previous novels.

Even with what I considered lacking in the overall work, the final chapters kept me turning pages. The excitement continued to build, reaching a harrowing end.

Story line: Contains spoilers

The story revolves around a well-to-do married couple by the name of Sam and Remi Fargo and an accidental discovery of a viking vessel buried in ice. Their effort to uncover secrets pertaining to the discoveries of artifacts found in the vessel takes them to Mexico, where they meet up with another couple that base in that country.

Their continued effort to find the “Eye of Heaven” is met with the possibility of espionage, deceit, danger and an uncooperative foreign country. Plus, there is the possibility they’re being followed.