“Humans, Bow Down” by James Patterson and Emily Raymond

When two or more people collaborate on a novel, you never know who to give the credit to for the story line. This is a young adult/ science fiction work and it is outstanding. Hard to put down.

I have read all the Maximum Ride books by Patterson and this novel is better than any of them. The characters are well defined, the story builds continuously, and the ending is powerful.

The downside, for me, is the title. I almost passed it over, but at the time I needed a read and I read Raymond had a best seller as a ghost writer, so I gave it a shot. I’m glad I did. This was a thrill ride from start to finish.

Total involvement in this novel: James Patterson (Author), Emily Raymond (Author), Jill Dembowski (Author), Alexander Ovchinnikov (Illustrator).

Story line: (Contains spoilers).

The story revolves around a teenage girl. Humans are second rate citizens to the superior hu-bots and names have been discarded in favor of numbers, and the girl goes by the number Six.

The hu-bots (Androids) have taken over and humans are confined to reservations. They are still human, however, and are subject to human behavior. Six’s best friend “Dubs”, a name she gave him shortened from double eight, is a wild teenage boy and soon gets them both in trouble and makes them subjects of a manhunt by the hu-bots.

A hu-bot detective (MikkyBo) leads the hunt as Six and Dubs take to the woods and hills in an attempt to avoid capture.

The ensuing chase not only leads to a showdown, but also causes the start of a massive revolt.

This novel also has an occasional illustration within the pages that correlates with the scene.