“Grace the Mace” by Tirzah Duncan

This book is packed with mental and physical struggles in medieval times. The story focuses around a hardened cynical daughter and her compassionate and caring mother.

This is a 159 page novella and will grab your interest from early on. I could see how the situation depicted by the author could have conceivably happened as written. Exciting and moving.

Story line: (Contains some spoilers).

The daughter (Grace the Mace), a mercenary, returns home for the winter and finds her mother has taken a new man. Due to her mother’s past experiences with men, Grace immediately goes on the offensive that creates rifts with her friends. The same friends she thought were watching out for her mother while Grace was gone.

The ensuing emotional confrontations with the friends and the man makes for an excellent read. Tirzah Duncan has built her characters well and has created an environment that draws the reader in. Very well written.