The Fall of Shannara – The Black Elfstone by Terry Brooks

What an astounding start to the end. “Sometimes the magic works” is a quote from Brooks. He should know, because he performs magic every time he touches his keyboard. I’ve now read all the Shannara novels, the Word novels, and the Landover novels and it is truly hard to find anything negative to say about them.

Wait! Here’s something negative. Brooks is ending Shannara. How dare he!

This will be the last series written on Shannara. It doesn’t mean there won’t be more novels, but Shannara will unfortunately end here.

The first book will introduce you to Drisker Arc the Druid, Dar Leah the Blade, Tarsha Kaynin a wishsong wielder and a host of other characters that are typical of Brooks’ imagination.

Storyline: (Contains spoilers)

Tarsha Kaynin and her brother Tavo learn at an early age that they have possession of the wishsong. Neither can master or control it and as time passes, Tavo continually misuses the magic, while Tarsha shows better constraint. Tavo becomes such a problem that his parents ship him off to an uncle. Tarsha has trouble with this and leaves home to seek out Driskar Arc, the High Druid, that he may help her get control so that she can help her brother. She finds him, but not where she expected.

Meanwhile, a hostile army begins moving through Troll country, leaving none alive in it’s wake. The High Druid sends along two druids and the Blade (Dar Leah) to confront the force and learn it’s intent.

Driskar needs to teach Tarsha the use of the wishsong, find out who’s trying to kill him, and learn what the army seeks to accomplish.

Fascinating read!