The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson

This is a nine book young adult series that features six special kids known as ‘The Flock’, led by Max (Maximum Ride).

These kids were stolen from their homes and experimented on by some pretty evil scientists and turned into mutants with Avian DNA. This made the kids special in that they had wings and could fly. They had other abilities factored in, as well. Originally designed to be weapons, they had fighting techniques and elevated strength.

With the help of one of the scientists, they escaped the lab known as ‘The School’ and the series of books depicts their struggles to stay free and at the same time put an end to ‘The School’.

As the series rolls on each of the kids learns they have other special talents as well. All of their talents are needed throughout as they deal with treachery, other enhanced assassins, and the constant struggle to stay together as a family and find food and some place safe to rest and recuperate.

With a couple of exceptions the stories are told through the eyes of Max.

This was a fun read.