“The Stars are Legion” by Kameron Hurley

Hugo award winning author Kameron Hurley has written an unusual novel about what life might be like in another corner of space. What makes the novel unusual is that there not only is no male lead, there are no male characters.

This is a story about Zan and Jayd and their effort to save a world population. Is it a world or is it a ship?

For her part, Jayd needs to keep Zan alive and out of trouble with their Lord Anat, and at the same time send her on a mission that she has already failed many times. Jayd knows what is needed to save her people, but everything needs to fall perfectly into place.

Lord Anat enters an alliance with Lord Rasida of the Bhavaja, the enemy, in an attempt to conquer the Mokshi world but the alliance fails when one of the Lords breaks the promise.

Zan has lost her memory during one of the raids but trusts Jayd, so she continues to try to get through the defenses of the Mokshi and Bhavaja.

Zan is captured and “Recycled” to the lower levels but is befriended and saved by another victim, a Mokshi. Zan gains allies on her climb back up as she attempts to get back to Jayd.

This novel has more twists and turns than a Rocky Mountain pass. Very well written and spell-binding. Loved it.