“No Man’s Land” (2016) by David Baldacci – A book review

A fascinating and intense drama that starts out as two different story lines. One, a cold case that involves the disappearance of an army investigator’s mother and the other, a hardened criminal just released from prison and his desire to track down enemies.

Baldacci weaves both story lines with twists and turns, chapter after chapter.

The investigator soon finds he is asking questions he shouldn’t be, as superiors put the pressure on for him to drop the investigation. He gains allies, but still finds himself dodging roadblocks and fighting to stay alive. as the threats become reality.

The criminal, once released, has no desire to check in with a probation officer, as he doesn’t care what happens to him after he finds and kills the people involved in his transformation. He knows where he needs to be and he wastes no time getting there.

The stories keep you on the edge of your seat, as you turn pages, until the intensity increases when the two stories suddenly become one.

Fabulous story telling by a master of suspense. Loved it.