“Watcher” by Roh Morgon (2011)

This book has a little of everything, so I’m not real sure how to classify it. There’s mystery, suspense, action, fantasy, romance and love of family, which creates a dilemma for the main character, Sunny.

Sunny is dead. The undead to be precise. Even though the word is never used in the novel, Sunny is a vampire. Not your everyday vampire, because she doesn’t prey on humans. She hunts for deer and other animals. She works a normal job and she tries to keep tabs on her daughter and granddaughter, without being seen. This soon becomes too much of a personal challenge for her and her desire to leave her family alone, causes her to leave her California roots and head off for Colorado where she meets another of her kind.

Nicolas is a man that she finds very attractive and this causes Sunny to fight an internal war with herself. Does she stick to her integrity and never harm a human, or does she join with him and become a “Chosen”?

The twists and turns in this book are unending and the final pages surprised me. Great novel.