The Two Ton Weapon

Vehicles are two ton, mindless weapons. Despite what car manufacturers would tell you, they are mindless trolls. They will only do what you tell them to and at times, not even that. They are machines. They need an operator to operate. You are the operator. Be a good operator. Respect the weapon.

If you think the vehicle will be okay driving down the street while you answer a text, you are wrong. Keep your eyes on the road. There is no way possible you can text on your phone and still see that little girl chasing her puppy. No text is so important, you can’t pull over to check. It only takes seconds to pull to a stop, if what Mary Lou is wearing to the party is that important to you. Don’t let your weapon harm an innocent child.

If you think the vehicle will be okay driving down the street, after you’ve had a few drinks, you are wrong. Get a ride! There is no way possible you can drive impaired and react quick enough to keep from hitting that little girl. Have a plan. If you are going out to party, have a plan. Arrange for a ride. Don’t let your weapon kill.

If you think the vehicle will be okay driving down the street at high rates of speed because you’re a good driver, you are wrong on both counts. If you were a good driver, you wouldn’t need to prove it. There is no way you will be able to stop quick enough to avoid hitting that little girl. Respect your weapon. Drive at a safe speed. If you are a passenger, that “Good Driver” idiot is risking your life, as well. Make a stand! Tell him or her to pull over, so you can arrange for a safer ride. Be the adult. It will only take once. You will gain the respect and more importantly, the trust of your parents, which will lead to more freedom. If the driver has so little respect for you that he puts your life in jeopardy, respect yourself. This isn’t Nascar, a video game, or a movie. This is real life and death.

Your actions on the road are contagious, as well,  and that is what causes road rage. You might not hit the girl, but the enraged driver will.

Be a good operator. Be alert. Save that little girl and her puppy.

Respect the weapon. Respect yourself. Respect other drivers. Above all. be safe out there. Not every one is going to read this post and the majority of people don’t think about their weapon at all, when they’re driving.

Driving that two ton weapon is a privilege. It is not your right. It requires a license, and that license can be taken away at any time.