“Right Behind You” (2017) by Lisa Gardner – A book review

This is a gritty, intense thriller loaded with unexpected twists. Lisa Gardner will have your heart pumping with her psychological insights of the characters, and her spot on depiction of the poor decisions a couple of teens make throughout the novel, even making those decisions knowing they’re wrong.

Telly and Sharlah were born into a drug and alcohol induced abusive family. On one fateful day the abuse became deadly and Telly, just a child, was forced to take action to protect his little sister. His knife wielding father stabbed his mother, and then came after Telly and Sharlah. Telly pushed Sharlah into the bedroom. She handed him a baseball bat and he beat his father to death.

Telly and Sharlah are separated into different foster homes and have no contact with each other.

That is until their world comes crashing down once again.

This is a Quincy and Rainee novel.

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