“Memortality” (2017) by Stephen Provost

This novel is packed with suspense and involves a “Gifted” young lady that had her legs paralyzed at an early age due to a car accident.

Minerva, now wheelchair bound, lives with an abusive mother and a loving brother. Her disability and abuse has left her longing for her childhood friend that perished in the same accident. The more Minerva dwells and dreams of her memories, the more things start to look up. Her dreams reveal Raven to her with his request that she “Remember” him. Soon she wonders if it’s really a dream. Raven provides encouragement that changes her life.

Anthony Biltmore is an assassin working for a classified government agency. He was assigned fifteen years ago to kill a woman. That woman was Raven’s grandmother. Now he has a new assignment:


The story builds page after page, until the final showdown.