“The Dry” (2016) by Jane Harper – A Book Review

Australian Author Jane Harper adds Australian slang, terms and locales to this, her debut novel. This is a well written, twisty and an extremely suspenseful murder mystery. A fun read. Intriguing.

Federal Agent Aaron Falk, stationed in Melbourne, learns of a murder/suicide involving his best friend, growing up, in his hometown of Kiewarra. He doesn’t want to attend the funeral. He and his dad were run out of Kiewarra two decades earlier, amid accusations regarding a different suspicious death. He receives a rather threatening note and finds it necessary to attend.

When he arrives, he finds local police sergeant Greg Raco isn’t totally certain this is a murder suicide, and might possibly be a triple murder. He joins forces with Raco and the two of them begin digging up clues. Some of the locals are not happy about Falk being there, though, and do their best to chase him.

Harper’s website, to learn more about her is www.JaneHarper.com.au or you can follow her on twitter @JaneHarperauthor.