“Her Every Fear” (2017) by Peter Swanson – A book review

This is a bone chilling, heart pounding murder mystery that will have you double checking every door and window. A definite five star novel that will grip you from page one and keep you turning pages throughout.

Kate Priddy is an English woman that suffers panic attacks due to an event in her past. An abusive boyfriend. It has kept her prisoner to her fears, but at the urging of her mother, she finally ventures out. Way out. She exchanges her flat in London for an apartment in Boston. Her cousin that she has never met is assigned to London for six months, so the two of them switch. Kate is looking forward to schooling in Boston.

When she arrives, the panic attacks start right away, before she even unlocks the apartment door, as she sees a woman banging on the door next to hers. Kate knows something bad has happened to the occupant. She exchanges emails with her cousin several times. Her subsequent discoveries as the days pass leads her to boldly ask the question that has been dogging her. “Did you kill Audrey Marshall?”

Peter Swanson nailed this. He takes you on a gut wrenching journey through evidence and speculation. Prepare to be blown away.

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