“The Wrong Side of Goodbye” (2016) by Michael Connelly – a book review

This is my first jaunt into the world of Michael Connelly and I’m not sorry for it. “The Wrong Side of Goodbye”, a Harry Bosch novel is well written and thoroughly mind gripping. Not one, but two story lines highlight this hard to put down spellbinder.

Harry is hired privately to find an heir to a sizable fortune and his investigation is full of danger and intrigue. While he runs into one roadblock after another trying to find a living heir, he finds himself creating smokescreens and distractions warding off possible tails from those that don’t want an heir found.

As a working detective, he also is heavily involved in finding a serial rapist. He and his fellow detectives struggle to put the pieces together to identify the rapist. There are many victims that have come forth and it is believed there are many that haven’t. The rapist wears a mask, making it impossible to get a description from the victims, but when one of the detectives disappears, Harry and the others shift to high gear.

Superb read.

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