“The Hike” (2016) by Drew Magary – A book review

This well written novel includes a mixture of fantasy, intrigue, suspense and psychological thriller. Drew Magary leads the reader on a path that transforms an innocent and insecure man into a courageous and daring risk taker. Each step taken cause the man to gain confidence as he meets with one perilous situation after another. The […]

“The Wrong Side of Goodbye” (2016) by Michael Connelly – a book review

This is my first jaunt into the world of Michael Connelly and I’m not sorry for it. “The Wrong Side of Goodbye”, a Harry Bosch novel is well written and thoroughly mind gripping. Not one, but two story lines highlight this hard to put down spellbinder. Harry is hired privately to find an heir to […]

“Chilled to the Bones” (2016) by Linda Lee Kane – A book review

This is a thriller about a search for Revolutionary War memorabilia and treasures. Set in Setauket, New York, a group of high school students set out to save their homes from foreclosure, by tracing their ancestral clues. What they find is a jarring mystery that gets deeper as they go. As they search through secret […]