“The Dragon Hammer” (2016) By Tony Daniel – A book review

This is an intriguing middle age like romp of a young man coming of age in a peaceful-turned-violent land. Despite the young man’s insecurity, he soon learns others are looking to him for decisions, and he is forced to grow up quickly. The characters in this novel are unique, suspenseful, charming and intense. You can’t […]

“Final Warning” (2008) by James Patterson- A Book Review

The continuing saga of Maximum Ride and her fellow winged heroes. This novel has a little different ‘Save the World’ goal for Max and her flock that includes a trip to Antarctica to help study glacier melting and other global warming issues, as well as having fun sliding with penguins. Despite an enlightening turn of […]

Thank you, Veterans

November 11, 2016. USA Veteran’s Day. Today is the day that we give thanks to all the veteran’s, past and present, that have served our country, fought for our freedom, and devoted themselves to “We the people”. Today, as you are out and about and you come across a veteran, it isn’t necessary to say […]

“Gone” By Lisa McMann – A book review

“Gone” is the third and final novel of the Wake/Fade/Gone trilogy. In the previous two novels, Janie has struggled with the adverse effects of who she is. The repercussions and the general uneasiness of it. Janie is a dream catcher. Not by choice. She falls into people’s dreams if she even walks by someone sleeping. […]