“Wake” by Lisa McMann- A Book Review

“Wake” is the first novel of a trilogy about a reluctant dream walker cursed with an ability she can’t get rid of. Janie gets sucked into other peoples dreams which creates issues being in the same room with someone about to doze off. High school is the worst of all, with study hall or field […]

A book review of “Split Second” by Kasie West

This is a fast paced and energetic novel about two young ladies and a friendship that can’t be shaken. A young adult novel with a twisting plot and fascinating characters. Both of these ladies have a certain ‘ability’, and they use them to get themselves out of awkward situations, but doing so causes a whole […]

“School’s Out-Forever” by James Patterson

What a fun series this is. This is the second book in the Maximum Ride series of novels by James Patterson from 2006. Action packed, full of excitement and suspense, this book takes us on a high speed adventure. Maximum Ride (Max) and her five friends really want to find their parents, but there doesn’t […]