“How Far Is Heaven?”

For all you parents and grandparents that have youngsters around the house, this is a good book to choose. Especially if that child has suffered or is about to suffer the loss of a loved one. Kathleen Gorman wrote the story and the illustrations were provided by Maggui Ledbetter. Mikey’s mom catches him blowing kisses […]

“Way To Go” by Jennifer Moss

This is the second of the Ryan Doherty set of books, and deals with the death of a motivational speaker by the name of Jessica Way. It is a particular troubling case for Ryan, because the victim had contacted him the day before her death and provided him with death threat letters. Adding to his […]

“The Sorcerer’s Daughter” by Terry Brooks

This is the third and final segment of the Defenders of Shannara trilogy. The popular Shannara series of books will come to an end after the next trilogy. He will grace us with connector novels on occasion, but that’s the best we can hope for. This book takes us on a wild ride from Paranor […]