“Taking the Rap” by Jennifer Moss

Detectives Ryan Doherty and Matt Di Santo are at it again in this murder mystery of a high profile celebrity. Many obstacles block their way, not the least of which was the victim’s claim to be the new messiah. There were many not all that fond of the music icon, and Ryan and Matt have […]

“The Angel Experiment” by James Patterson

I climbed into the way back machine and read one of James Patterson’s earlier novels. Not every book we read has to be brand new. That’s the great thing about reading. The mind doesn’t care about computer graphics and special effects. If I hadn’t looked at the publishing date, I wouldn’t have known. The Angel […]

Pokemon-go (Away)

Prepare yourself folks. Our society is graduating, if you want to call it that, once again. We are moving from the electronic age to the gaming age, and some very wealthy people are about to get wealthier. Gaming is literally being shoved down our throats. We are loving it. We justify the addiction, and it […]