“Intern” by Bonnie Hearn Hill

Mystery and suspense highlight this chiller about a missing political intern. Bonnie Hearn Hill tells the story from the eyes and heart of the mother, the politician, and the politician’s wife as their lives twist and turn every step of the way while the girl is missing. The mother, using every thing she can think […]

“The Doc” by Tim Desmond (Revised Edition)

Conspiracies, intrigue, suspense and murder dominate this novel about government corruption. Tim Desmond will keep you glued to the pages as he depicts attempt after attempt to silence the leak. A well written novel that pits the power of friendship against the power of fear. Who are their partners and just how deep does this […]

Just imagine. . .

Just imagine a world that was perfect: In my perfect world, things like what happened in Orlando last week, wouldn’t happen. In my perfect world, a rapist would get more than six months in the county jail, whether he could “Handle” prison or not. In my perfect world, the media wouldn’t immortalize the evil person […]

Write it down

Being an author is not as hard as some would believe. We all have a story within us, some more than others. I have friends that are nurses, teachers, sales people, police officers, firemen and on and on. They all have stories, as is evidenced by the conversations we’ve had. The hardest thing about being […]