Make time.

Reading a book has the same benefit to the mind that exercise has to the body. We have reached a period in society that has led many away from the relaxing rewards of just cracking a book. I have talked to many that have either never read a novel or have stopped reading them, and […]

“Town Red” by Jennifer Moss

This is a murder mystery full of emotion, intrigue, suspense and drama. A married female ad exec is found dead, setting the detective team in motion. First step in a murder investigation: Clear the spouse. No problem, he’s dead too. Clear across town. There appears to be an entire agency full of suspects, past and […]

Memorial Day. What does it mean?

Memorial Day. What does it mean? It is a day established to honor our fallen. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it as such. To some, it means the beginning of summer, to some the first camping trip, to some it means an extra day off. There are many thoughts out there about what Memorial Day means, […]

“Badge of Respect” by Tamara Tilley

I enjoyed “One Saturday” so much, that I thought I’d try another of Tamara Tilley’s novels and I’m not sorry for it. “Badge of Respect” is a well written excursion into suspense, intrigue and mystery about the lives of three first-responders. This romantic who-dun-it threw me for a loop. Had no clue until the end.

“The Bellum Prophecy” by L Marie Horton

An action packed chiller about a young woman thrust into a world of supernatural creatures that attacked and killed her aunt. Her subsequent search for clues to the attack results in the tables being turned and the hunter becomes the hunted. Well written, exciting and fast paced.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Let’s face it! The true miracles workers of the world are mothers. For nine months, before you even speak a word, they put up with your punching and kicking. Then when the miracle happens and you come to be, it’s too damn cold and you want back in, but it isn’t happening. Mom, […]

“One Saturday” by Tamara Tilley

One Saturday is a romance/suspense novel and Tamara Tilley has done a good job describing the horror a woman suffers through, during and after a brutal assault. Amber comes through the assault alive and receives support and encouragement from a man that may or may not be a knight in shining armor. Adding to the […]