“Whispers in the wind” by Veronica Giolli

This is a captivating mystery about a woman that commits suicide and her best friend that refused to believe it. The friend (A fraud investigator) launches her own investigation and soon learns things are not adding up. Sunny finds herself and her daughter quickly becoming potential victims the closer she gets to the truth.

“The Demons Within” by Raquel Aleman

Raquel Aleman shows her readers that you don’t gain faith by being courageous, but instead gain courage through your faith. Determined to get rid of her demons, she tried many avenues, but in the end, it was her faith in God that eradicated them.

“The Swan Garden” by Anne Biggs

A riveting and captivating story of a young woman refusing to accept others dictating her life, as those she trusted and depended on tried to rip her life from her. This fabulous story by Anne Biggs will tug at your heart and touch your soul with a wide range of emotion. This is a well […]