Supporting our troops

I would like to give a huge thank you to Kellie Pickler for her constant support of our troops. Ms. Pickler is someone I have seen in concert and she has mentioned our troops during her performances many times. She also works with the USO to entertain them.

The USO is a non-profit organization dedicated to our soldiers and their families. Those of you that have a few extra dollars and want to put together a care package for the troops overseas, but were unsure where to even start, the USO is where to start.

As a veteran, I can tell you that the USO played a huge part in my morale when I was overseas. Second only to mail call. At times we could get that ‘forgot about’ feeling. I can’t imagine it’s any different now with all the media attention going to political coverage, terrorist activities, and the Kardashians.

If you are a soldier fighting for our freedom, thank you for your service and I hope you enjoyed the novels. If you are not, support the USO, support the entertainers and volunteers that work with the USO and above all, see a veteran, thank a veteran. You would be surprised how good it is to hear.