The Sisterhood

When the first Queen of Mother, Queen Emily DeShields, saw the problem that was arising from the children being swept without anyone to care for them, she created and instilled the law that all new arrivals were to be processed and supported by a separate entity that was to be the responsibility of the Kings […]

“Rise of the Penguins” by Steven Hammond.

What a great series of books by Steven Hammond. For science fiction/fantasy fans, this is a must read series. Chapter after chapter is filled with excitement, intrigue and ┬ásuspense. Steven Hammond has given penguins emotions ranging from humor to anger and you will marvel at the camaraderie, loyalty and devotion to their cause he has […]

The Beast

The Beast is the largest land animal native to Mother. It is brownish green in color and stands, depending on age, between twenty and thirty feet high and eighteen to twenty feet wide. The legs are disproportionately small for the body, causing the underside of the animal to be hairless from dragging on the ground, […]

King Brent

Brent Jensen had been King now for over 12 years. With nearly a unanimous vote of confidence by his fellow Commanders, Queen Shirley Carillo had crowned him in the early part of 519. His Queen was a wonderful and compassionate woman and he had no difficulties serving. He was sad for old King Philip, but […]

“Fabled Desires” by Jesalyn Mae Harper

For all the Thor and mythology fans out there, get this book! Jesalyn Mae Harper has captured the imagination with this novel about Gods and Goddesses living in modern times. Filled with intensity, this read will leave you yearning for more. Following the escapades of the main character, Faith will leave you loving her, sad […]


Melanie Thurss had a good life. She had a loving husband and three wonderful kids. Not bad for a woman that never had the opportunity at an advanced education. She had graduated high school, but that was as far as she achieved. She had a plan before she graduated and that was to work her […]

“Finding Pony” by Kara Lucas.

I was in A Book Barn looking for something new to read and I noticed this novel, Finding Pony, and it looked interesting. I’ve not, in the past, been exactly an avid reader of young adult titles. but I gave it a try. This is a good novel. It got to the point that I […]