Thank you, Veterans

November 11, 2016. USA Veteran’s Day. Today is the day that we give thanks to all the veteran’s, past and present, that have served our country, fought for our freedom, and devoted themselves to “We the people”. Today, as you are out and about and you come across a veteran, it isn’t necessary to say […]

Pokemon-go (Away)

Prepare yourself folks. Our society is graduating, if you want to call it that, once again. We are moving from the electronic age to the gaming age, and some very wealthy people are about to get wealthier. Gaming is literally being shoved down our throats. We are loving it. We justify the addiction, and it […]

Just imagine. . .

Just imagine a world that was perfect: In my perfect world, things like what happened in Orlando last week, wouldn’t happen. In my perfect world, a rapist would get more than six months in the county jail, whether he could “Handle” prison or not. In my perfect world, the media wouldn’t immortalize the evil person […]

Write it down

Being an author is not as hard as some would believe. We all have a story within us, some more than others. I have friends that are nurses, teachers, sales people, police officers, firemen and on and on. They all have stories, as is evidenced by the conversations we’ve had. The hardest thing about being […]

Make time.

Reading a book has the same benefit to the mind that exercise has to the body. We have reached a period in society that has led many away from the relaxing rewards of just cracking a book. I have talked to many that have either never read a novel or have stopped reading them, and […]

Memorial Day. What does it mean?

Memorial Day. What does it mean? It is a day established to honor our fallen. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it as such. To some, it means the beginning of summer, to some the first camping trip, to some it means an extra day off. There are many thoughts out there about what Memorial Day means, […]

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Let’s face it! The true miracles workers of the world are mothers. For nine months, before you even speak a word, they put up with your punching and kicking. Then when the miracle happens and you come to be, it’s too damn cold and you want back in, but it isn’t happening. Mom, […]

Supporting our troops

I would like to give a huge thank you to Kellie Pickler for her constant support of our troops. Ms. Pickler is someone I have seen in concert and she has mentioned our troops during her performances many times. She also works with the USO to entertain them. The USO is a non-profit organization dedicated […]